Here we are!

Here we are!

Friday, May 11, 2007

If Blogs Were Around in Moses' Day
...thoughts on mothers in the Bible

A son was born. It was a quiet birth; it had to be. No one could know about this boy. The midwife knew that the Hebrew boys had to be killed immediately upon birth, but she feared God more than Pharoah. He was such a good baby. His cries sounded like a little lamb and the infant remained a secret. His tiny clear eyes looking up at me still break my heart. How innocent and helpless he was; I was the only person keeping him alive. But you can only hide diapers for so long. And so, when he was three months old, still helpless, I had to send him away. They were coming to kill him, or I could risk his life to save it. So I feed him and wonder if this is the last time I will hold this little life in my arms. God, please protect him! Everyone knows a baby can’t swim, and he is floating in a river! Please don’t tip over, please stay warm, please stay quiet until you are supposed to be found. Yes, Lord, he is yours. I wish he were still here. Please help him know I did this because I love him. If it’s in your will, bring him back to me.

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Christa said...

That brought me to tears. Amazing, isn't it? God is good, even when you have to let go.