Here we are!

Here we are!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Fresno Philharmonic
We got to go see the Fresno Philharmonic last weekend with the fabulous Joshua Bell. We weren't planning on it, but someone had to cancel and gave us their tickets IN THE FIFTH ROW CENTER. What really made it great was that we had already made arrangements for babysitting earlier that week. What made it even greater was that we grabbed some fish tacos beforehand and there was free parking at Saroyan. And what made it even greater was that during the first half of the concert, the seat in front of Tim was empty. And what made it even greater was the great music by violinist Joshua Bell and the impromptu encore not usually performed. If you read the review in the Fresno Bee on Saturday, it was pretty accurate. In the middle of discovering how the planets must have aligned so we could get this great evening, I asked Tim if he was waiting for a sign from God for something... and if so, then this was his sign. But he said that no, in fact he was not waiting for a sign, but needed an evening of decompressing. Oh, and to make it even greater, we somehow were able to exit the parking structure minus the crowds and drive from downtown to NE Fresno in less than fifteen minutes (no speeding either).

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Jamie said...

JOSHUA BELL? Oh, I miss getting out and getting "cultured". I would have loved to have gone...but I didn't even know about it. Not that we would have been able to find babysitting, or even had the money to pay for tickets and a babysitter anyways. But someday soon!!!