Here we are!

Here we are!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Event Staff Woman Goes Berserk at U2 Concert!

This one lady spent the majority of the concert making chop-your-head-off motions with her hands. She encouraged the males to her right to use their flashlights to shine in the crowd's eyes. She was concerned that people were videoing the concert. She was going after us one by one, hoping to get through all of us, I suppose. I noticed that she was the only event staff doing this. She also confiscated a beach ball. I can hardly write this without laughing. She. confiscated. a. beach. ball. She was so busy running around trying to stop people from doing things, she reminded me of Data in that Star Trek movie where his emotions make him crazy. She also reminded me of my neurotic dog running from window to window, back and forth, barking like crazy. It was so fascinating watching the other CALM event staff compared to her, that I had to attempt to catch her in action. (I just pretended I was videoing the concert.) Can you see the otherwise splendid view of Bono and Edge? Ugh, just ruined by this one crazy lady!

Dear Carter-Finley Stadium: I really enjoyed the Muse/U2 concert in October. I thought your stadium was clean and had lots of toilets (unconventional placement, but plentiful nonetheless). I wish you had vendors selling food outside for those of us in the GA line. You could have made a killing off us! And thanks for holding off the rain that day. We didn't have any parking trouble at 3:00 p.m., although I'm sure you've gotten your fill of complaints from people who missed the concert because of the terrible situation. I wasn't too thrilled to spend an hour and a half sitting in the parking lot after the concert. But could you please remove someone from their job, because they are a seriously negative spot on your otherwise passable venue. Thank you.

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