Here we are!

Here we are!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

So Happy

I am insanely happy right now. Do you want to know what self-seeking, consumerist item makes me this way? We just replaced our electric blanket. I can be toasty warm all night. I can heat up my side of the bed before I even crawl in. Now, this is not some new product to enter our lives. No, in fact, this is our fourth electric blanket since we’ve been married. They tend to stop working just after the warranty period is up. Here is the scenario: I use my side of the blanket until it is burned out and stops getting warm, then flip the blanket over and switch controllers. Then I use the “other” side until that one is burned out, too. It finally came to the point last week where the preheat/high setting on the old blanket wasn’t doing anything on either side. I looked for electric blankets when I was at Costco and Target this week, but neither store had one (it’s January for goodness sake). Today, I found one at JcPenney’s. I am so excited.

It’s not like we live in Alaska or anything (although Tim would like to try living in Sitka). Fresno has an average high of 53 degrees in January. Most people would say, “just put another blanket on the bed.” But the problem with that is, your bed is still cold when you get in. It takes a good hour for my feet to warm up no matter how many blankets are on the bed. And, you know, for such a simple thing to make me happy, no matter how ridiculous, it’s worth it!

So what do you do with an old, broken electric blanket?


JHRME said...

Can I just say...for the's been warmer in Colorado and Idaho at times in the last few weeks. And there at least the sun shines. We've had quite a bit of cold wet gray. So. Turn that electric blanket on high and be warm my friend. As for what to to with the old one...I dont know...plant blanket for the plants that dont like freezing nights? The plant wont mind if the electric isnt electric anymore.

The Isaacs said...

I soooooo want an electric blanket but Jason won't hear of it! I like the point that you can warm up your bed before you get in it... I'll have to try and see if that one works! :)