Here we are!

Here we are!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Foot Surgery
Tim is recovering from foot surgery to remove a damaged "neuroma" between his 3rd and 4th toe on his right foot. It was very unfortunate that I forgot to take my camera to the surgery place or else you would have had a great shot of Tim in a hospital gown with a shower cap on. But here is his foot.

What a great way to spend a 111 degree day! Inside, feet propped up, a nice dose of vicodin, and a handful of DVDs. Speaking of... Did you see Casino Royale? Finally saw it, and a bit disappointed. Not really a typical James Bond movie. Even from the opening credits it was very unstereotypical. Usually there are so many subplots and strategies that I can't keep up with it on the first viewing. This one was pretty shallow... I mean, why would M reveal to us in one sentence at the end of the movie what could have been an interesting subplot. It was filled with too much Texas Hold'em obviously playing to the increased popularity. And what about the missing Q?? Oh, there were so many omissions, I hope Ian doesn't turn over in his grave. Please, "Bond 22" don't let me down next year! And leave out the torture scene written by someone's 14 year old son!!

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Jamie said...

You watched that movie for the plot? I thought we were supposed to watch that movie for the Bond himself...I liked it!!! Randy did all the body doubling and stunt work, of course.