Here we are!

Here we are!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Que Pasa?
This week Michael is in Ohio with Nana and Papa to visit his cousins. Daniel has been a little bored but we have been trying to keep him busy. It has been hard since Tim can't walk or drive, so they have been playing lots and lots of Sorry. Saturday I mowed the lawn for the first time (I've mowed a lawn before, just not at this house). Tim usually likes to do it, well maybe not "likes," but it makes him proud to have a good looking lawn to play on. So I tried my best not to butcher it. One day, Daniel got tired of waiting for us to play with him, so he sat down on a pile of blankets while he waited. He started to get quieter and quieter, and before we knew it, he was asleep in this pile of blankets next to the couch. Pretty cute!

One other thought... Does anyone actually enjoy shopping at Walmart here in California? I was there the other day to get school supplies. Sharing the aisle with someone else, we were both interrupted by a man pushing a large floor cleaning machine. Now, we were not loitering, we were not acting bored, WE WERE SHOPPING. It was the afternoon, it was not closing time. He actually asked us, mid-reach for product, to please leave the aisle so he could clean the floor. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I am here to spend money and you want me to leave? It's not like the floor was slippery or crunchy. It was dirty, but what floor in Walmart isn't? So this man proceeds to walk the machine down the aisle that he just kicked us out of, followed by a lady with a dry mop. Then as this other customer and I try to go back to shopping, they wave and say that no, they have to come back. So we back up again, and they push the machine around again, and dry mop again, and then the man takes a "caution" sign and starts fanning the floor. Let me tell you, I was so excited to shop on a clean floor! So I calculated the extra 5 miles plus time it takes than just to go to Target, and figured I had to have a savings of $6 over the same stuff, had I gone to Target in the first place. But, I hear the Midwest Walmarts are actually clean and a nice place to shop. I'll stick with Target. Hello. Goodbuy.

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Jamie said...

I'm with ya Tracy. Target all the way!